Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love peace, order, cleanliness and beauty. I love clean carpet and open floor space.

But right now if you came to my home...

you might find the living room turned into a train depot. And most likely at least 2 kids and 1 adult would be using remote controls to keep 6 trains from colliding.

We have multiple tables, and we use them all, but generally we clear them daily, wipe them down, and put some kind of decoration out.

But right now if you came to my home...

you would find this puzzle out. You might try to fit a piece in its correct spot (good luck! It's all zebras), and you might find us gathered around trying to sort the pieces (is this one white with black stripes or black with white stripes?).

I am a minimalist in a lot of things, including decorations, but I do love having a few nice things out--candles, pictures, a few odds and ends I have.

But right now if you came to my home...

Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel would grace your presence, serving as decor and dolls all in one.

Right now, my house does not always look very grown up.
Right now, there are red and blue plastic toys mixed in with glass candle holders.
Right now, the back grass needs mowing and a good dusting is in order.

But right now will be gone in only a few years. So right now I am the mom who lets her kids help decorate.

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soren2go said...

Wise words Carlyee. They will remember those times and the mother who knew her priorities.