Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mckenna's Reading List, Summer 2010

Warning, Brag Alert!

I was a reader as a child, and I am a reader still. While on a 5 day trip to Oregon last week, I read 4 novels, a book I will be reviewing soon called Mind Your Own Mortgage, and 4 books of the Bible. That is what I call a treat--time to read, even if it was on the plane or because I couldn't sleep.

But my daughter, Mckenna, who is not yet 9, will have me beat in the next few years. She is incredible! This is the best list we could come up with by looking at our bookshelves, and it's very likely we are missing some.

Books Mckenna Read 
Summer 2010
Boxcar Children:
#14: Treehouse Mystery
#15: Bicycle Mystery
#16: Mystery in the Sand
#17:Mystery Behind the Wall
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Abby Hayes: The Declaration of Independence 
It Takes Two
Judy Moody Gets Famous
Ramona’s World
Rent a Third Grader
Horrible Harry Moves up to Third Grade
Kickball Wedding

Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds
Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery
Cam Jansen and the Birthday Party Mystery
Hello Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

Junie B Jones and her Big Fat Mouth
Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
Junie B Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy
Junie B Jones, First Grade At Last
The Puzzle Club Easter Adventure
Who Was Hellen Keller?
Foxtrot Comic Books:
-Am I a Mutant or What
-Welcome to Jurrasic Park
Currently Reading: 
More Perfect Than the Moon
Ella Enchanted
From the Mixed Up Files of Ms. Basil E Frankweiler
Plain Girl

That's 25 books, with 4 in progress. All of these books are "chapter books," save the Foxtrot Comic Books. Some of them have 250 or more  pages, though many are closer to 75-100. 

My point is, she is incredible...and she is proving to be quite the challenge for Homeschool. Finding age appropriate, reading level appropriate, challenging books for her is quite the task.

Soon I will post her book list for this coming year. However, now that we have looked over what she read this summer, I realize I need to improve her list for the year! I think there are only about 15 books on it, and that just won't do.


Jules said...

I love the boxcar racer ones.... those were so awesome!!!! can't believe she is big enough to read those ones!

Grandma Cyndi said...

I know you read them to her, but has she read Little House by herself yet? Is Litle Women too old? I still wish we had a picture of her on the big wheel riding and reading on my patio, I would post it with the one of you reading while vacuuming! Great to see you all Sat.

Jennifer said...

I was grinning reading your list. I read a lot of those. I think I was a little older than her when I read "Little Women" but it is still one of my favorites and I think it would be challenging but not inappropriate. Also I TOTALLY agree with your mom about the Little House Books. I loved those. What about Black Beauty or the Anne of Green Gables books (I can't remember if those are too old for her).
Nathan loves to "read" and some of my favorites times are when he comes over with a book Saying "read, read" and just plops in my lap.
Good for you fo bragging about your girl :)

Carlee said...

Thanks guys! We are very proud of her. She has read Little Women and we are going to see the play in October! She has read some of the Little House books on her own--she has heard them so many times that she is a little bored with them :o)

Black Beauty and Anne of Green Gables are great suggestions Jen--I am not sure she is quite ready, they are longer and harder, but I think she will love them. Maybe next semester or year.

Thanks ladies for celebrating my girl with me!