Thursday, July 8, 2010

A two day visit from Grandma Gail, and a quick switch of days off for Daniel, turned into high productivity.

Being home renters for nearly the first time in our lives, we have wanted to update the look of the front of the house inexpensively and without making permanent changes. A very cute little corner of dirt, and a big, concrete front entry called out for additions--but what?

This picture, from before we moved in, shows how plain the entry was. 

We gave my mom a beautiful fountain for her birthday, bright cobalt blue pots pouring water into successive pots.

I love it, but it's small, and it cost over $100. We just don't have that kind of money to spend. The blue really stuck out to me, though, and I knew I wanted a glazed, colored fountain, not a cement or rock one.

We had all but given up on the idea of putting a fountain in the little space--even though we both thought it just called out for one--and we were brainstorming other ideas.

Enter Grandma, a "date" to Target and Home Depot, a fountain on Clearance sale, and a $1.97 fix for the pump by my genius husband.

Presto! A Beautiful Red glazed fountain. Tall enough to be seen from the street, and only $60.

The long term plan is to put river rocks to cover the dirt, and grow some tall, green plants behind the fountain to cover the dryer vent and make the red pop out even more.

Looking for large planters to fill up the porch has been another challenge. They are EXPENSIVE! Like $60-100! Yikes! There was one empty one in the backyard, so we moved it to the front. I found a plastic one at Target for $8.00, and it will work. Then I found a cute wooden one for $13.00, and by putting in front I masked the other ones. We planted Zenias in it, and the plant we took out of the fountain's corner in the other pot...presto! A new porch!

The long term plan is to move a plant from the backyard that is getting trampled by the hose to the other pot, and I want to paint a welcome sign to hang on the wooden planter. Daniel was able to convert the sprinkler to a drip system, so I don't even have to remember to water. If you know me, you know that's a good plan.

The new and improved, but not yet complete, front entry.


Jennifer said...

Very creative and very pretty. I'm impressed.

Jules said...

i found some pottery looking (but really plastic) planters at home depot.. not sure if they have them there but they were really cheap. Just thought I would throw it out there. Oh and maybe you could have dan build ya some outta wood and then stain em! That's what Jord and I are gonna do. Super cheap.... PS I am still working on writin you back on FB. Probably tomorrow. Just working it out in my head thats all! Love ya