Monday, June 14, 2010


Moments that have made us laugh since we moved to the desert:

- The refrigerator barely fits in its space, not because the space is extra small, but because we have a huge fridge. I apparently forgot just HOW huge it is. Daniel went to the store to get a couple of things, including ice. The next morning I found everything but the ice, and went searching--I looked in the car, the garage, anywhere I thought he might have left it by accident. He had put it in the freezer after all; I forgot there was a second drawer and didn't check it.

- To say we have gone from extreme to extreme is an understatement. No matter how long Daniel lives off the mountain, he will always be a mountain boy, as evidenced by when he thought he was turning the a.c. "on" by turning the switch to red. That is "on" in the mountains, since you run heaters there, but it is most definitely "off" in the desert. This was only funny after I figured out what was wrong because the a.c. was broken for the first 3 days we lived here (and it was 112), and we feared it was broken again.

- Our kids are freezing! They are not at all used to air conditioning or ceiling fans, and find it to be unpleasantly chilly. Of course they are roasting the second they walk outside, but inside they are cold and sleep with blankets, and we keep the a.c. at 80 or above, and off at night.

- We have 3 adrenaline junkies for kids. We knew Kenna loved speed and heights from her first trip to Magic Mountain where she rode everything big and bypassed everything small, and Gabe loves rock climbing at high heights, but we only discovered our third child's love for a rush last week. A family outing to Soak City revealed that our sweet girl is unafraid of heights, thrives off sliding down huge slides over and over, and will keep up with the big kids.

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Jennifer said...

Glad your happy home has found a new house to settle in. I hope you all are content there for as long as it is meant to be. - Jen