Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Little Update

A few answers to a few questions I have gotten asked more than a few times...

How are the 300 essays coming? 150 turned in today. 60ish done of the second set. Have 90 to do by Thursday. That's doable.

How's the Job hunt coming? We leave tomorrow for an undisclosed location. It's within driving range... :o) We interview all weekend, meeting hundreds of people. Daniel preaches Sunday morning. We are super, mega excited. We are super, mega terrified. There is nothing we can do. Either they will like us and vote Daniel in. Or, they won't. Period.

How are the kids? Hoping we get to move. Excited to be staying at a hotel with a pool for the weekend.
   Mckenna is absolutely her teacher's favorite. And her math teacher's favorite. And the PE teacher's get it. She really is an awesome student and an all around joy. She has learned how to do front flips and almost backbends at her Tumbling Gym, which she loves. Her art skills continue to impress us, her insight is downright mature, and she has reached my shoulder in height, and does not seem to be slowing down in growth.
   Gabriel finished his wrestling season with 3 First Place Medals and 3 Second Place. His over all record is 9-3. His coaches have a whole lot of nicknames for him--like Frankenstein and Double-Leg Gabe--and they also tell Daniel how impressed they are with his focus, determination and mental toughness. If he gets hurt, he stays on the mat. Period. He really is tough, and if you knew him when he was 2, you would know we didn't always think he would be. He is still a math genius. But I almost strangled him when he was taking his spelling test.

Juliana. As usual, what is there to say about that kid? Let's start with her English. She can spell her First, Middle, and Last names. She knows the sounds that letters make from A-L. And she is sure, as sure as she can be, that amn't is a word. You know,am not, as a contraction. Of course when her cute little voice says it, it comes out like a cuss word. Her brother is horrified. She is persistent. We just go with it. Her new favorite expression is a long, drawn out, overly dramatic, "I have nooo idea," and her new favorite hobby is shopping with Mom. She is the BEST shopping buddy, but Daniel says we are going to be exceedingly limited in our shopping outings, because we buy a whole lot more when we are together. :o)

What have we been doing? Fun things! Not as much homeschool as we should (shhhh!). Long scooter rides, walks at night (just Daniel and me), spending time with Melissa and her kids (including sleeping over for Madisyn's slumber party with 8 little girls!), seeing family, seeing friends, painting, reading, being together.

What's coming up? Well, it goes a little something like this:

3 days of interviewing.
Home for 4 days.
Spend those 4 days at the storage unit finding our camping gear!
3 days Rock Climbing/Camping at Joshua Tree. Send the kids to grandma.
Go to Juli J's wedding that night (hoping to shower in between!).
Home for 1 day.
Sleep and do laundry and leave for Oregon to visit Grandma!
3 days in Oregon, head down a little ways to hang with Mark and Audrey at her parent's Cherry Farm.
Spend a few days there, drive on home, start packing.
Move as soon as possible (assuming, of course, we get the job!).

And there you have it. Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update...soooooo much better than texting!

Briana Norton