Monday, May 31, 2010

Breaking Rules

I am not a rule breaker. In fact, other than driving the speed limit all the time, I am a rule follower. I am early to everything, I follow instructions (if I get around to reading them), and I have a healthy respect for authority.

But the weekend we were in Joshua Tree, we broke at least 2 rules, albeit unintentionally.

You only get one story, though, the other one will remain a mystery.

The plan was to rent a motel room to take a shower and get dressed between camping (with no running water) and heading to Juli J's wedding. Mark offered to book one room for him and Audrey and Daniel and me...we just planned to run in, clean up, and run out.

He made the reservation, and made it clear that we were just coming to shower, not to sleep. Actually, he tried to make it clear, but there was a language barrier between him and the motel owner, and after repeating himself multiple times, and getting the same unsatisfactory answer, he gave up. For $40.00, we all were going to be fine with whatever. Besides, with the four of us it's always an adventure.

Sunday came, and Rob and Carla came to our rescue. Daniel and I went to their house, and Mark and Audrey headed to the Sahara Inn. We picked up lunch for all of us, and headed over to eat with them. Our friend Rashelle was there too, just to change clothes and eat.

Shortly after our arrival to the illustrious room (read: Disgusting), Mark's phone rang. It was the Motel office. Ha! Mark got called to the office! He came back bewildered. Apparently (okay, well posted on the door), only two people can be in the room. Somehow they knew there were five of us, and they were sure we were all taking showers there. They knew what cars we drove and what we brought into the room!

We decided to finish eating and then pull out, but admittedly, we did not hurry.

Within five minutes, Mark got called to the office again. On his way out the door, Mark said, "Huh? You have to give me back my money?"

He came back, a little annoyed and a lot amused. We needed to leave, but they were going to refund his money.

Um, okay.

We made a quick exit and noticed the security cameras everywhere.

In the end, Mark got chewed out--and he did a little yelling of his own, the guy kept asking him what was going on and then interrupting as Mark answered--but he only got charged $10.00.  Pretty cheap shower and place to lay down for 30 minutes all in all.

I guess that makes me a rule breaker.

I think I kind of like that.

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