Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are Officially

....crazy? Yes.

....busy? Mmm, Hmm.

....Candidating? Oh, yeah.

We head out to the desert area (so. cal desert is as specific as we are getting right now) on May 14-16 to meet the rest of a wonderful church, whose pastors and elders have thus far been pretty darn great. We meet, greet, talk, eat...and then Daniel preaches. And if the congregation agrees with the elders and the search committee, we get offered a job!

We are very, very, very excited. However, we have learned not to assume anything, and are cautiously opitimistic  about this. Until the vote is done and the official offer is in, we will not allow ourselves to assume we have a job.

But, at the same time, we are already talking with a realtor (because it takes at least a month and half to close an escrow right now), looking at schools, martial arts gyms, and life out there in general.

Oh, and to the surprise of many, this is not a youth pastor job. As much as we would have loved to work with students FOREVER because we think they are amazing, the Lord over time has made clear to Daniel and to me that it is time to modify our calling.

There are plenty of posts swirling around in my head right now, with titles like:

How getting a job as a Pastor is more like a marriage than a business agreement

Want to learn patience? Apply to a church!

Why I feel Honored to be hosting a graduation party

Juli J is getting married! So, what does that make me? 

Why Mark is my BFF, and how much I adore his Wife. 

What Grading 1,350 essays in 4 months does to one person's brain

Do not read any bitterness into the 2nd title. We are THANKFUL for the time spent in prayer and consideration, research and reflection by the church, and all churches Daniel has applied to. It is not a decision to be made quickly, because the effects of whom a church hires are long lasting. But my dad, in particular, has literally groaned at how slow this process is; and it has tested our stress levels and our joy in huge ways. 

And that last title is why those posts will not be getting written right now.  I have 300 to go...150 need to get done in 6 days (25 per day), and then I have a little under 2 weeks to get the other 150 done. A full day of that second set is grading 6-10 per day. I have to grade 15 each day, because there are 4-5 days when I won't be able to grade at all.

So, that said, I am off! Off to Homeschool, off to GRADE, off to pray, off to play with my beautiful family.


Nicole said...

We will be praying for you guys! It will be exciting to see what the Lord does and how He chooses to work in and use you your family.
I agree with your first two titles of the posts you would like to do :)! I felt the same way! God is good though to grow our faith and trust in Him and cause us to love Him even more in the midst of it all!

The Robbins' Nest said...

SWEET! So stoked to be hearing about your process. We will be praying!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This iz grate newz! Prayin 4 yous (cuz i no ur editting brane wont tern offf).

With Much Love,
Briana Norton