Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ten Things...

...that make me Happy

1. Watching everyone devour homemade tacos at dinner while we talk, laugh, and drip guacamole.

2. Juliana's recent conversations, including: "Papa! Can you pause it! I don't want to miss anything." This from the 3.5 year old who has only had TV for 2 months of her life!

3. Status updates on Facebook that turn into great conversations with dear friends.

4. Sweating it out at the gym with Melissa, especially when I realize I did something new, like running 2 9-minute miles (and not focusing on how I used to run 7 minute miles but 9 minute miles feel like sprinting the whole time).

5. Walking Mckenna to or from school--when our best, deepest conversations happen. I have learned so much about her.

6. Daniel's absolute flexibility in life as my husband and as a father--he is up for anything, anytime, even laundry, grocery shopping, or hot dogs for lunch 2 days in a row (Nitrate Free with whole wheat buns, of course, so I don't feel so bad).

7. Hearing about Gabe's day at the gym. He is quite amazing, and his coaches are consistently blown away by him. Not sure if Dan's smile or Gabe's, as they recount their time, is more fun.

8. Getting the side splitting giggles with my mom tonight over the most ridiculous things, like Rocky nosing his empty dish across the kitchen and into the other room, or Jules saying, "Yucky! Rocky licked me on the teeth!...Hey, it's not funny."

9. Watching American Idol with Daniel--usually he only likes the auditions because he likes the crazy people, but there's a girl who is strange enough to keep Dan's interest. He analyzes the singers the whole time they are singing, and I have to watch the performances again, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I laugh the whole time.

10. Good friends, and there are a lot of them, who are there in thick and thin.

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Jeremy, Meg, Connor & Katie said...

Good old Rocky. Glad he's still part of the family!