Thursday, February 11, 2010

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15 and 16 year old for the most part have an idealistic view of the world. They have only seen a small part of the world, and only know what they have seen, especially the students whose papers I grade; they attend a Private Christian High School in a wealthy area.
Six months into marriage, my husband and I spent a summer in Ecuador. While Quito was our home base, we also lived with native indians in the jungle, and in tiny mountain communities.  While the fear I felt in the Amazon quickly turned into awe and then respect, and the majesty of the mountains overwhelmed my senses at 10,000 feet, the first impression that has never left me was when we took a bus to a landfill where families live. 
Men, women and children live in the dump.
A stench, unlike anything I had ever smelled before, infiltrated my senses upon our arrival. The first time we went I never left the bus...

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