Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh I love Calvin and Hobbes. Gabe reminds me of Calvin sometimes--mostly because his hair is either sticking up straight, or slicked down with gel. There just isn't anything inbetween.

I certainly do no believe I am perfect just the way I am, but resolutions are not my thing. I am the
poster child for making a resolution, being gung ho for the first few hours of the New Year, and then forgetting I ever made it. It's not generally that I run out of commitment or passion--I just forget. The way change comes for me is by either being philosophically convinced I need and want to change, or by God showing me in a huge way that I must change.

An Extreme example of that was when I blacked out at church one night, followed by 3 weeks of blinding headaches for which no tests could find a source. That resulted in me dropping all but 2 of my college courses that semester (I had been taking 21 semester units, including Organic Chemistry), dropping one of my 3 majors, and going from 30hours to 15 hours per week at work. It still took me a good 2 weeks to "get it."

So. No resolutions for me. Only reflection on what is gone, and hope for what is to come, with a focus on each day as it comes, not months in advance.

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Jeremy, Meg, Connor & Katie said...

I'm not a resolution person either. But I love your example of God's blinding sovereignty. And remembering how he brought you and Dan together (or at least closer). Good to see His hand in it. Love you, girl!