Sunday, November 29, 2009

Change, Children, and Chico

Three weeks have passed since I last posted. For someone who loves to write, and who usually blogs at least weekly, three weeks is a long time.


 For that past three weeks we have been living with Dan's parents. We are so thankful for their big, mostly empty house, and their willingness to have us.

Our house in escrow. In the first four days it was on the market, we had 12 offers. We countered offered for five of those. The next day we got an even better offer and accepted it. One reason it was the best was that the buyers waived the appraisal contingency; you see, in this market the market value (or what value the offers come in at) and the appraised value are often different, with the appraised value regularly coming in low. We had been warned by many people who know to expect the appraisal to come in low. But God is big, so very, very big, and the first appraisal came in right at the purchase price, not the $15-20,000 lower we had been concerned about. That was something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, for sure!


We started moving when Juliana was only 4 months old--a little over 3 years ago. Prior to that we had lived in the same place for 7 years, the same home for 6.

From Oct. 2006 to July 2008, we moved 4 times, in 3 cities.

Then we bought our house, and planned to be there for a long, long time.

The kids asked regularly when we were moving again. We would answer, "We aren't." They would still ask, and sometimes they told us they wanted to move again.

But we were feeling pretty settled.

And now, we have moved again, almost 3 years to the day from our first move when Jules was a baby. Yikes! That's 5 moves in  3 years if you are counting.

This move has taken its toll on our children, although it may be hard to see as they are usually still their normal, happy selves. They are over sensitive to anything sad, especially if it involves families or homes. Night time brings many questions--questions we tear up at, ones we laugh at, questions we don't want to answer but we do anyways, ones we have no answers for. Those are the hardest.

Then there were four days last week that Dan and I had to leave them, and although we made sure they had tons of fun while we were gone, of course they missed us and had hard moments.

The good, fun, and exciting things they have done lately deserve their own post, so expect that soon.

For now, just pray for our beautiful blessings, that all the changes they have gone through, and the ones coming, will only strengthen our family.


Do you know where Chico is? I did, but I still had to look on a map to be sure I was right!

Chico is north of Sacramento, halfway between Sac and Redding. It's off the 99 freeway, 4 hours from Tahoe,  and about 4.5 hours from my grandma's house in southern Oregon.

It is the home of Chico State University, the national Yo-Yo museum, and more kinds of trees than I have ever seen.

For us, the most significant establishment in Chico is the church where Dan is a candidate for a pastor position. He and I spent 4 days there last weekend, where we met at least 100 people, had incredible meals with fantastic people, and got a feel for the church and the city.

And in another week or so, all five of us will be flying back up there to have one final candidating trip, where Dan will preach, be interviewed by the elder board, and get to meet a whole lot more people.

Lord willing, both we and the church will decide that Chico should be the new home of the Russells!
Well, we have already decided, and the pastors have too, but we need to go through this important, formal time where the church is involved in the decision.

Later...more to come on the job, the city, and our time there...for now I need to get some homeschool stuff done and grade some essays! But I left you with a completely adorable but unrelated picture of Mckenna dancing with Jadelyn at a wedding last summer.


The Murphy Family said...

Thank you for the update. I always love hearing... errr, reading what is new. We will be PRAYING. On our knees type praying. Please email me your current email so I can send an invite to read my private blog...
Love you girl!

Grandma Cyndi said...

Praying that all will go smoothly for this next big change, we are with you all the way. Love, Mom and Dad.

Nicole said...

I have been following your blog and praying for you all! God is big and sovereign and has a perfect plan! We will pray for this move to chico too. It is about 2 hours from us in Auburn right now, however we are moving at the end of the month. Encouraged by your faith.

Joelle Bare said...

So glad to find your blog and hear of all the changes. You are an amazing family. This reminds me of several stories in the bible where God said "go" and the people dropped it all and went. Amazing! I will pray for the kiddos. I know change sometimes creates unusual feelings in kids. I remember when I had Sarah and Liam just got on my lap and bit my shoulder. He never had bit anyone before or since. Weird. Anyway, I know time is crazy but if you have time for a cup of coffee at my house with the kids here, I would love to see you. Love much, Joelle

Anonymous said...

Great news, Carlee. I can see the excitement already starting.
Briana Norton