Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Abundantly Blessed

Sometimes it is in the midst of hardship that blessings are clear.

We know we are blessed with material things. We own a home in America--that's a huge start right there.

But beyond that we have always had stuff. You know, food, toys, clothes, cars. That kind of stuff.

And, we have always had enough to share. We give away anything we can, and we don't question God anymore when He asks us to be generous.

But, without regular income that has to stop for a time. Our level of frugality has needed to increase.

And now blessings appear.

Gift cards, food and kindness appear at our home regularly.

Tonight Dan and I went to Panda Express and got ice cream--for free. We had a gift card at Panda Express, and my free birthday club ice cream at Coldstone just showed up in my mailbox.

And, Grandma Gail took the kids to McDonalds, so even they got a special treat!

But what has been overwhleming this week has been the considerate people in our lives.

Dan today received 2 requests to speak at churches--one to run a youth group for awhile, and one to preach on a Sunday morning. That is a deep gift, one that touches a heart level for us.

I have gotten sweet, encouraging emails.

Dan has received letters of recommendation.

We just feel blessed.

What a gift it is to sit back and watch God work through so many people.

Thank you God, and thank you dear friends and family.


Heather said...

praying for you all often...

Heather said...

praying for you all often...