Friday, September 25, 2009

His Own Sit-Com

I am beginning to think Gabe needs his own sit-com.
We just need a title.
It would be cheap, because the writer and main star prefers to be paid in Legos.

If a camera followed him around, there could be an entire season on places he does his MMA. Like during football, and at the beach.

And if I hadn't been slightly annoyed, his math test today would have been hilarious.

Mom: Gabe, here's your math test. You need to take it and do your very best work.
Gabe: Yes Mom. and he starts taking his test.
Gabe (30 seconds later): Here Mom!
Mom: Only one problem is done! Take the whole test silly!
Gabe: Oh, so I should do the whole page?
Mom: Yes, the whole page.
Gabe (2 minutes later): Here Mom!
Mom: Gabriel, the whole test means do every problem.
Gabe: Oh, okay... so I should do this problem? (he points to it)
Mom (a little exasperated): Definitely.

But if a camera had followed us on all our errands today, well, we would have picked up 2 seasons worth of of material.

For instance, at our First Stop, Fantastic Sams: Am I getting a haircut or all my hairs cut? Because I think it might be weird to get just a hair cut.

Or at the shoe store when he wanted Marvel Comic flipflops, even though they were 4 sizes too big. His reasoning was amazing.

Or how about at Target, when I found him 2 new shirts on clearance:

" 2 shirts, now I just need 2 shorts."
"No buddy, you have tons of shorts, just no shirts."
"I have shirts!"
"You are right. 'No shirts' was an expression, meaning 'not enough.'"
But my favorite was after he put on his new shoes, and ran around the house:

"These shoes make me run faster!"
"Because they are new?"
"No, because they're bigger, I take bigger steps."

Really, how do you argue with that logic?

And really, who would want to?

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