Saturday, September 19, 2009

4 Generations

Did you know that we are on "vacation?"
Yeah, me either. But we are. Technically.

Dan is in the middle of 2 weeks off from work at work. That doesn't mean we are off from work at home though.

Other things you might not know because I am not a very good blogger lately:

-We spent 3 days in San Diego with my grandma.
-Dan's grandfather died the day we returned.
-I took a part time job (really part time--5 hours a week) teaching algebra to homeschoolers. I LOVE it. I forgot how much I love teaching.
-Mckenna has played in her first 2 soccer games.
-Gabriel has 2 loose teeth.
-My youngest niece, Lizzie, turned 1!
-We are in the midst of laying 750 sq. feet of tile in our home.

Each one of those could be its own post. But let's get back to the 4 generations.

My sweet family with my wonderful Grandma Sherry

Great Grandma Sherry with her Great Grandkids

4 generations of women. Grandma Sherry, my mom Cyndi, Me, and my 2 girls.
How incredible is this?

We took all these pictures after dinner one night while on a fantastic retreat with grandma and mom. The next day we went to the zoo--can you guess which pictures are coming next?

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