Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I know I know. I am finally posting something. Don't get used to it.

Gabe and Mckenna went to their first day at their charter school (they are home 4 days and at the school one day). Dan picked them up and took them straight to Gabe's MMA...so I didn't see them for 8 hours!

Gabe was full of ridiculous and hilarious things to say about his first day at school.

Mom: "Gabe, did you make any friends today?"
Gabe: "Yep, two friends. One's name is Blame and I forgot what the other one starts with."
Dad: "Do you mean Blaine? And what is the rest of his name if you forgot what it starts with?"
Gabe: "Well, I forgot the whole name. And my teacher's name."
Mom: "Schaffer"
Gabe: "Yes Schaffer! But we call her Miss Schaffer."

Gabe: "My teacher's son likes to eat crickets."
Dad: "How old is he?"
Gabe: "I am not sure, maybe 6 or 7 or 8."
Mom: "So, around Kenna's age?"
Gabe: "Yep. He is either younger, the same age or older than Mckenna."
Mom: "Well, that covers your bases Gabe."

They rented a Marvel comic movie recently and were explaining it to us...

Gabe: "Did you know that Black Panther turns into a lion?"
Dad: "Do you mean a panther?"
Gabe: (the lights turn on in his head) "Oh. That's why they call him Black Panther."

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The Robbins' Nest said...

I LOVE IT! I can't wait to be able to post my own! So fun, thank you for sharing!