Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All Quiet on the Russell Blog

I thought summer would be a great season for blogging. I was so wrong. Instead of Blogging I have been:
Playing tons of games (and letting Mckenna take pictures)

Tuning the Piano (we hired a professional, but he knew good, cheap labor when he saw it)

Practicing Sara's hair for her wedding on Saturday--I can't let you see the real deal yet!

Smiling back at smiling faces--my favorite activity to be sure

Enjoying my backyard and so. cal summer

Not pictured...I have been throwing and attending showers--both bridal and baby, taking students on weekly trips like Paintball, Ropes Course, and Beach BBQs, getting the school room ready (pictures to come!), and playing XBox at 10 pm with my kids, just because we can. There have been spontaneous trips, unexpected but very welcome visitors, friendships rekindled, helpful coffee dates, event planning, and too many hours finding Mckenna's school books in thrifty ways.

Summer is winding down, and school is upon us. So 2 more weeks of enjoying my free life...and probably not much blogging.

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The Smith family said...

Sad Im not any part of that...miss you