Friday, July 10, 2009


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As we rounded the corner in chronological order the cries for help did not cease.

Juliana stood on a step stool at the refrigerator with a cup in one hand.

The cup runneth over.

What we thought was the scraping of furniture was actually the ice machine crushing ice.

When we first got this frige the kids would occasionally get their cup stuck in the door with the ice or water running and realizing their need would cry for assistance. The trick was you had to push to get more ice or water to get it unstuck, which contradicted their instinct.

This was not the case today.

The cup was not stuck--it was in the right position at the water/ice dispenser-- and yet the crushed ice kept flowing. As I slid up next to Jules and grabbed the cup, I found it surprisingly difficult to stop the flow of ice.

That's because she was still pushing.


I used force to take the cup away from her. I dumped some ice in another cup, added a little water to her pile of frozen H2O, and she merrily drank her refreshing beverage.  It would seem that wrestling caused her to feel overheated and parched.

Gabe ate some ice off the floor.

Dan and Mckenna stood dumbfounded as I explained that the cup had not been stuck.

Seriously, we will just never understand.

Note to self: When little one runs and you hear loud noises, go.


Jules said...

only jules.... haha you picked the name. just remember all that it entails... Love ya and miss you guys

Jennifer said...

Very cute. Maybe that avalanche of cool ice was just too refreshing? Maybe she was loosing the wrestling match and was just throwing up a diversion?

The Murphy Family said...

LOVE these times!