Sunday, May 10, 2009

NoW ThIs ThInG

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Friday night I wanted to needed to was called to "speak the truth in love." God has a sense of humor--or more correctly, sometimes He prepares us for what is to come right when we need it, and not a moment too soon. The very person who gave me wisdom on how to handle my Questioning What I See, now needed me to Cling to What I Know in their defense. Whoa. Back the Truck up! Revelation! TWO people gave me wisdom and then needed me to Cling. In a row. In the same day.

Clinging to What I Know, Part 1

1. Everyone needs someone to fight for them sometimes. 
    God made us to need one another. Creation shows that God did not make man to be alone--nor woman :o) In fact, God made each one of us uniquely, but without giving any one of us all the talents, gifts, skills or wisdom, so that we would have to rely on each other. But our sin, our upbringing, and our pride keeps us from asking from help. All of us.  Situations come up when we cannot wait for someone to ask for help. Sometimes we need to fight for someone who cannot fight any more. We must walk in, pick that person up off the floor, and take over the fight.

2. Prayer Matters
     When we pray, when we call upon the name of God and beg Him for help, we are acknowledging our deep need. We are telling God that we know that our circumstances are out of our control, and He must pave the way. Sometimes He answers those prayers immediately, supernaturally, and clearly. He did that for me, and I am in awe.

3. Loving People Changes You, and Changes Them
     Every person is lovable for one simple reason: They are created in the Image of God. Each person is born with a glimpse of the divine innately in them. Because of that fact, each person is worthy of love. When life beats you down sometimes you feel unworthy of being loved. You think that there is something you can do, or must do, to earn someone's love, but true love cannot be earned, it must be freely given. When we choose to love another human we get dirty, we get hurt, we get scared, and we get blessed. And they in return see a picture of God's love that is a gift freely given, not a prize that is hard earned. 

4. Speak the Truth in Love
    Part of loving people is speaking Truth into their lives. Some people never do this because they are scared. Some do it without the love part. But we are called to, within the context of a loving and trusting relationship (spouse, friend, parent, mentor, etc.), say the Truth that is in the best interest of the other person whether we are nervous or not, whether they like it or not. People who love God, like my 2 people, take it well because they know they are loved.

5. Get to Know Godly People
    I am blessed beyond measure to have an incredible Pastor, Sean, and his wife, Debbie, in my life. They share with me from a different perspective, from a life of different experiences, and from hearts filled with love for God and people. Sometimes when I can't see what's in front of me because I am blinded by hurt or  depth of caring for someone, they can see clearly and speak Truth in Love for me. 

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