Monday, April 20, 2009

Manic Monday

It's been about a month of Humor-less Mondays around here. MckMama, the blogger who started Not Me! Monday, has spent these weeks at a hospital with her 6 month old son Stellan, because his heart consistently flips into abnormal, scary rhythms. He is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday to fix the underlying problem. I personally just can't get into doing a Not Me! post until their struggle is over. 

So, in lieu of all the ridiculous things that did NOT happen to me last week, I thought I would let you in on the semi-absurd things that did. :o) 

Things are changing around here, especially in me. It's been a strange, but good, transformation, and a lot of it has to do with me just deciding to do some things I have been wanting to do, even though they are hard and not necessarily popular.

Shall we start big or small...small I think. With cute kid "commercials."

I ordered a yogurt maker. Gabe's frequent tummy issues have caused me to rethink our diet--which is currently healthy but not to an extreme--and one conclusion from this research is that yogurt just may be a super food. When Gabe has yogurt pumped into his system, and is not vomiting or having other issues (ie. forcing all the good bacteria to leave his body), he does the best. But...almost ALL yogurt at a store has high fructose corn syrup. Lame, lame, lame. Why? The stuff that does not have it is expensive. Understandable, but lame. Yogurt is not that hard to make, and when you make it yourself you can, obviously, control the ingredients--trust me, high fructose corn syrup will not be in my yogurt. I am hoping that at some point we come to enjoy plain yogurt, but at first we will add fruit or even homemade jam. Making yogurt requires keeping the milk mixture at a consistent 113 degrees for 4-10 hours. I know myself, it's not going to happen. Therefore I bought a yogurt maker.

Mckenna chose an older boy to hang out with at a birthday party this weekend, not her girl friends her age. I think she is done with girl drama. At age 7. Oh my.

I am hoping to buy a bread machine. Same reasons as the yogurt, and also we may decide to re-try a gluten free diet for Gabe, and it's much easier to make Gluten free bread than buy it. Also, the bread machine makes jam, which will help our transition to plain yogurt. One purchase at a time.

Gabe said on Saturday, "I am roasting mom. Roasting like a Marshmallow over a campfire."

Babyhood has re-entered our house. Juliana calls me Mama, Dan Dada, and herself JuJu, in a very babyish voice. We are not Mommy or Daddy anymore. Strange.

On to bigger things...

We are going back to Charter School. It's strange to type that, it makes it official. My dream of actively participating in PTA and being a classroom mom is ending, or at least getting put on hold. My firm belief in public school has changed, which is very sad to me. Even more shocking is that Dan's even firmer belief in public school has changed. At this charter school Gabe and Mckenna will go to a school for one day a week and be in a classroom with peers and a teacher. The other 4 days they will be here with me. It is not a Christian school, it is a public charter school, which is great.  I am getting VERY excited, and a little nervous, about homeschool. I am already working on our curriculum and anticipating the great things we are going to learn about. I am quite certain many future posts will discuss our decision. It's been a long, difficult, emotional choice, but now I am looking forward and gaining excitement.

That's all for Manic Monday. Click on the picture of Stellan on your right, and keep him and his family in your prayers, please.

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The Murphy Family said...

WOW... I am surprised about the homeschooling... did something happen? More and More moms I know are making this choice. I have a girlfriend in Menifee who also homeschools through Revival Church(?? I think). Let me know if you want her info to hook-up. I know she would have curriculum etc. ideas!