Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Great Excuse for a Picture

In my Childhood, Easter was a time for a pretty new dress, crisp white gloves, a frilly white hat, and shiny, fancy shoes. I loved getting all dressed up and ready for an egg hunt. At least, I did until I was 5 or 6. After that, supposedly, I stopped wearing dresses except under compulsion. 

I do not have such issues with my girls--which makes my mother VERY happy, and she reminds me often of how she was denied her girly girl. Oh Puh-lease. I was too busy chasing Soccer stats. Besides, I wore a dress to my wedding--that's all the really counts anyways. Although Mckenna often rolls her beautiful blues at girls who wear dresses to school, she puts play dresses on when she gets home and always wears a dress to church. Apparently she has, at the tender age of 7, realized that monkey bars and dresses are a bad combination, and her practical side shines through. Wonder where she gets that? Jules...oh Jules...wants to wear the same dress every day. We have nipped the same part in the bud, but she truly picks a pwetty dress every single day.

I agree that Easter is the perfect excuse for spring dresses. Juliana's is a double duty dress--Uncle Tim's wedding colors are brown and blue, so she will coordinate perfectly in this adorable, fluffy dress that I found at Marshalls for a mere $14.99.

Mckenna's age appropriate (I add that because dresses that fit her either look like lingerie or prom dresses, neither of which I allow on my sweet FIRST grader) dress was a Target special. Her only wish was that more of the cute white and blue fabric on the bottom showed through.

Gabe, sweet, sweet, Gabe, is finally coming around to "button shirts." This one my Grandma Sherry bought him during our trip together to Houston. He can kind of get away with less dressy stuff--besides, he is wearing a Tux for the wedding and I couldn't justify spending money on clothes he does not really enjoy.

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