Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today my wonderful friend Cassie, and one of our sweet students from youth group, are coming over to turn this very large, white wall into a very large, green wall. I am so excited! 

In other news, the kids are thoroughly enjoying some time with Grandma. She loves having them and they love being there with her. So it works out.

My sister (in-law, but you'll remember we just don't use that term) and her husband bought their first house this week. CONGRATULATIONS guys! I went over and saw it yesterday, and man is it awesome. They have some long, hard days ahead of them of painting, putting in flooring, and cleaning, but as I have learned, when it's "yours" those long hard days are more like long, hard, rewarding, fun days. Seriously Ben and Kris, I am so excited for you and I love your house, your neighborhood, your plans for the house...all of it!

Last weekend we took a whirlwind trip to SCV. We went to Madi and Jackson's birthday party on Saturday, then went to my mom and dad's and started putting in new flooring and baseboards in their bathroom. Then I went to a shower for Ellen (future sister) and ended up hanging out with the girls until 10:00 at night. There were 4 engaged girls there and 2 of them are entering full time ministry with their new husbands this summer. It was a sweet time of talking and laughing and sharing.

Dan and the kids went home once he finished the flooring, which looks great by the way, and I spent Monday morning with my mom. Yay!  We don't often get time just the two of us. We turned in my essays, got my car washed, and went to JC Penneys, where she found Mckenna some shoes to wear in Ellen's wedding. 

Then I met Melissa for lunch and more...I don't think I will go into details on that, but let me just say this. Melissa and I are a little crazy sometimes when we are together--at least crazy for responsible, grown women who have 3 kids each. But, at the same time that we are being crazy, we have the deepest, most godly conversations in which we are honest and open and work hard to help each other grow. She is the friend who knows me so well that confirmation from her matters, and her questions are ones I take very seriously. 

 By the way, Melissa, all I have to say is I am glad it was closed because I have looked and looked for ideas and come up short. But...the day will come when I will want it to be open!

My generous and fun friends should be here soon to paint, so I am off. After pictures coming up later today.

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