Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

As always, you can check out MckMama's blog for others who are sharing what they did NOT do in the last week.

When we baby sat our buddy Hayden, we did not change his answers to animal sounds (Hayden, what does a cow say? Woof, Woof!); we did not teach him how to shoot an automatic Nerf gun; and we did not feed him Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper. We are good surrogate aunt, uncle and cousins, and we would never do anything like letting him use Jules' doll stroller as a ram rod.

I did not have the joy of playing with my little niece Jadelyn, and for the first time in her 11 months of life get her to wave on command and finish an entire sippy cup of water (or anything!). That would be unfair since I am the auntie, not the mom who works hard at that stuff all day, so I would not revel in the joy of having that moment with her. And, for the record, she is not the cutest-little-thing you have ever seen.

My nephew Michael did not turn 2, because he cannot be that old already, and he is not the spitting image of his dad, Dan's brother.  He is not also the most athletic little 2 year old I have ever know, with killer dance moves too. And he is most certainly not the most adorable little man right now! Ahh..I do not just want to chase him and tickle him right now to hear his perfect laugh. No way!

I have not spent every waking moment that is not with my kids or hubby or ministry related things grading essays. I do not have 450 essays right now waiting for my attention. I have not stayed up until 1 or 2 am many nights to do some in peace, and I have not found a couple that were almost entirely copied (plaigiarized) from the internet. I am not tired of reading about Huck Finn...but since I love my job that let's me work from home I have not constantly reminded everyone who has pity on me how thankful I am for this job.

And, because I have not been up late, I was not up at midnight when it officially became Sunday morning--which means I did not use this opportunity to take my break from my fast from all refined sugar, a break that lasts for 24 hours on Sunday (More on Lent later). So I did not have a small bowl of chocolate ice cream at 12:01 am. Not me.

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Dawn S. said...

I might not have to look further into this "not me" thing because it is not funny at all!