Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

On Sunday I did not eat enough sugar--in the form of coffee creamer and chocolate--to last me the week. 

I had the privilege and joy of having my sweet niece for a few hours on Friday--maybe the longest she has been away from mom, especially during the day?! The day did not end in her daddy saying that if we get to babysit again there will be some strict, clear rules. And that was not because I gave Jadelyn her first taste of ink--you know a cute little jewel heart (rub-on) tattoo. I would not mar perfect baby skin with an adorable tat. Not me!

I did not grab the camera when I saw that Mckenna had misspelled "circles." Cuz Dan and I did not crack up when we read, "Suckls." We are not jr. highers so why would we find that so hilarious? 

But, that same sweet girl did not pull off 100% on her spelling test, high honors because of a stellar report card, and 98% on her 1st grade benchmark test. 

Dan and I did not get livid when we got her report card on which 6 categories had gone from proficient to advanced proficiency (leaving 2 of 38 categories as proficient and the rest as advanced), only to notice that the box was checked next to "Absences Negatively Affecting Grades." Are you kidding me? The kid missed school for pneumonia and still managed to maintain or raise every grade, and that box is checked! I am not frustrated like crazy with the system right now. Not me.

Gabe did not "write" his auntie an email asking for a day with her because he is dying to hear stories of Lord of the Rings (which mean old mom and dad won't let him watch). Dan did not breathe a sigh of relief that auntie is coming to the rescue since Gabe has been asking LOTR questions all hours of everyday. But, of course I have sympathy because it's not from the LOTR XBox game Dan bought and plays with him.

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