Monday, January 19, 2009

The Story Behind the NailPolish

Last Wordless Wednesday I posted this picture. I think it needs a story behind it, but I have a pet-peeve about using words for Wordless Wednesday, so you had to wait.
Dan had taken a group of people from church to Mexico on a Saturday, including Juli J and our friend Scott. After Scott's wife Cassie finished teaching a prep class she came over to hang out with us while we waited for our hubbies to come home. She told Mckenna she could paint her nails (as in Mckenna paint Cassie's nails). Juliana, of course, needed to be in on that. So they started their work. Mckenna's side looked great, and she even added polka dots. 
Juliana actually did very well on the first coat. But she must have decided that it was over too quickly if you *just* paint the nails. So, she continued on down Cassie's fingers and toes. For the record, I told Cassie she was crazy. But they were having so much fun and Cassie is such a great sport when it comes to my kids.

I realize the end product is, well, hideous, but look at the glee on my little one's face!
Cassie is such a good sport that the nail polish is still on her finger and toe nails--she did manage to get it all off her skin--over a week later. She wears it proudly as a sign of love from my girls!

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