Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not for Long

Not for long, Hayden, will you fall behind. Your legs are growing strong, your determination stronger, and you will catch them.

Not for long, Hayden, will you fight to keep up. Your body grows everyday and soon enough you will run with the big kids.

Nor for long, Hayden, but could you please stay little just a little longer?

Hey Guys, I was thinking, do you want to check out my park when we finish our snack?

 {Someone, please, come up with a caption good enough for this picture!}

Um, guys, I was gonna show you how to get there...

Okay, I caught you. We have to go through this gate. Follow me.

Um, guys?


-Jules- said...

I think it should be, " OH M G!!! YoOUUUURRRR park Hayden, I would LOVE to check out your park!"

Cassandra Rollins said...

I think that it should be, " Hayden you have a park too!! Someday when we get married they can show pictures of us playing at the park together."

Anonymous said...

HECK YES I LOVE PARKS. Just let me finish my juice.

Rebecca said...

LOL I think it should say,"What do you MEAN there's no more bottled water?!?!?!"