Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yellow Fever

No one HAS the actual Yellow Fever, but our whole household is buzzing about yellow.

Yellow Belts. 

Tonight Dan took Gabriel to his Mixed Martial class tonight, expecting a normal class. Towards the end of the class Gabe's instructor told Dan that he was going to test Gabe for his next belt. For the past few weeks he had been telling us he wanted to do a belt test, but he was waiting for more kids to be ready. Tonight he decided that Gabe was super ready, mainly because it is obvious that he practices a lot and really hard at home, and even though no one else was ready he was going to test Gabe.

Side note: I missed it. Sniffle, sniffle.

Dan had been working hard with Gabe on the placement of his feet, and as Gabe was trying hard to get it right, he often tripped over his feet. It was the last little detail he needed to perfect, and he had really been trying. Tonight he nailed it all. 

Then he broke his first board. 

And was crowned with a bright yellow belt. 

He came in the door with his belt on and holding his broken board! His face was beaming.

He showed us what he did to break a board, and broke the piece again. 

My baby boy is a yellow belt in Mixed Martial Arts. Umm...that's nuts.


The Kilgore's said...

That is so incredible!!! Way to go little man!!

Ellen said...

Very exciting! Good job Gabe!