Monday, December 15, 2008

One Busy Day

Wow. It's been a productive, fun, exciting, busy day. Juli J and I are still going strong--the rest of the team, wisely, has crashed. I got the kid's room all ready for Dan's monster project to be moved in. When Dan and Juli J got home, we finished putting contact paper on the project, and Jeremy came and helped move it in. Juli almost was crushed...but she's okay.

Juli, Mckenna and I changed our clothes QUICKLY when we realized it was 5:40 and headed to school for Mckenna's first honor's night. It was a quick but sweet deal. We came home and all three of us girls had fun putting all the stuff onto the bookcase while the boys played basketball. The Little ones are sleeping at Auntie's house (yay for Auntie, she saved the day!) and Juli J and I are trying to finish a few more things. Then it's off to bed!

Mckenna with her Award.

Juliana in her adorable jacket the Smith kids handed down. I love it, and Melissa, I think it will fit her next year too!

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Cassandra Rollins said...

I love Julianna's outfit...she looks so classy and grown up !!!