Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are You Needing An Update

Here it comes, bullet style. With cute pictures at the end.

-Mckenna is feeling better, but not great. She has probably had 5 antibiotics in her entire life, if that, but I am super, uber thankful for them when my kids need them, even though I do not like to use them if not absolutely needed.

-Gabe is hard to read. He could be getting what the girls have, maybe not? Who knows.

-Juliana is still coughing and her nose is still running. Probably going to fill the antibiotic prescription the doctor gave me.

-It's a darn good thing I like my kitchen. In addition to regular family cooking, here is my schedule for the week: 
Tonight: Hot Wings, Orange Chicken, BBQ potatoes and Stromboli for 10. 
Friday night: burritos with beans and rice for 50 at a local family shelter. 
Saturday night: appetizers and rolls for our elder/staff Christmas party. 
Sunday night: surprise dinner for the whole church, cooked by Debbie and me only. Planning on 100 ish. 

Like I said, it's a good thing I love my kitchen, and I love to cook for others too.

-There are going to be big changes around here. Stay tuned. Don't you love to be teased like that? Feel free to guess in my comments. I like a good laugh. If you are the 2 people who know, don't ruin it for others, okay?

-I have 22 essays to go, out of 150. Then I start the next 150. Not too shabby considering they are not due until the 12th.

-Starbucks Thanksgiving blend coffee is yummy...and strong. May cause addiction and jitters. Thought you might want to know. Thanks Melissa for letting me try it out.

Pictures from Mckenna's Thanksgiving play in her classroom. She seriously did the best. And that's not just her mama talking. Joanna and Jadelyn joined us at the Mckenna's request. Thanks Auntie!


The Smith family said...

Are you pregnant? that's my guess, hopefully it made you laugh. or even better your moving back to valencia. probably not.

The Kilgore's said...

I could have guessed the same thing, but I know that is not true. So I think one day you will have more pets or you are going to do some major construction to your house. Then have your family help out.

-Jules- said...

Starbucks Thanksgiving blend is my favorite, EXTRA STRONG!!!