Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Good Reason to Live in So. Cal

Sorry to anyone reading this who lives anywhere other than Southern California. Although I think it is absurd that we can still wear shorts and flip flops, the benefit of this Eden is going to the beach in mid-November and not freezing. In fact, it was a lovely day.

Man he looks so big. And handsome. Gabe's favorite part of the beach was exploring caves.
If you are wondering about the missing top tooth at 4 years old, just wait...that story is coming and it's a good one.

Mmmm. Sand and chips. Delicious. 

Mckenna's unauthorized climb. We both saw her when she was only 10 feet up, and suddenly she was gone.  But how do you get angry when she is so good?

Gabe and Hayden. They were so cute together. But not as cute as Hayden and Jules...just wait.

He is always looking at her like this. It's so sweet, he just adores her. All my kids adore him, so it works out.

After the beach we grabbed dessert at a nearby mall. Hayden was in a high chair at the end of a long booth. Juliana was at the end of the booth next to him. At one point they were arguing over some stickers, so we told Jules she would need to move, at which point she said, "No, I want to sit next to Hayden." Okay, so we did not move her. She also snuck him a few french fries. My biggest hope and prayer is that they will be great friends all through life.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for your suggestion, and for stopping by my blog!

You're making me miss SoCal...I'm an HB native, so you can understand why I'm so eager to have the chance to leave Phoenix. I'm NOT a desert girl!

Let me guess...were you guys at Laguna? Those photos are great. Looks like you have a climbing little monkey in your family as well. They sure make life interesting!