Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we did on my birthday

Nope, not a post about me. It was Fall Festival at Mckenna's school, so after a relaxing day where we ran some fun errands (and some less fun errands, like getting a new tire because we got a nail in the side wall), the kids dressed up and off we went.

Peter Pan, Wendy, and Belle (Jules has a Wendy dress too, but chose Belle)

Mckenna getting her face painted

She chose a blue flower to match her blue Wendy dress made by Gail.

They got some candy. Including this candy finger. Gross.

Kenna fell asleep watching the movie. Gabe and Jules came out when it was over. I sat on the green chair with Jules on top of my chest and Gabe snuggled in at my feet. I left and came back to check on them, and in their sleep this is how I found them. They are such snuggle bugs!


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Jordan, Erin, Morgan, and Brenna said...

Happy Birthday a little late, so sorry. Isn't that how life gets? So funny you went to McKenna's festival...I went to a Missions Fundraiser at a pizza place for mine! I was just so glad not to have to cook! That's a present itself.