Thursday, October 2, 2008

Flip Flops Flying

***Update. 74 Pairs of Children's sandals are on boxed and ready to be dropped off at the UPS store. They are being shipped to Missouri, where they will be loaded on a semi bound for Florida; next they will ride on a ship to Haiti. The total count already (once our 74 are added in) for FFF is nearing 1000 pairs. 1000 children who will have shoes. 1000 children's parents who will not have to choose between food and feet. 1000 children whose bellies might be a bit fuller because there was a little money to feed them. 1000 children whose feet will be more protected from the hazards of 3rd world county soil. 1000 children. I only have 3, and I love them, would die for them, and have never had that choice to make--food or feet--even in lean years. My 3 are not more precious than any of those 1000. They are loved by God, created uniquely by Him, filled with potential, life, and eternal souls. It makes my heart glad to think that in this smallest of ways we have contributed to the level of life for them. Amen and thank you.


The Kilgore's said...

WOW!!! How many did you get? You are amazing to be able to get so many for so little.

The Murphy Family said...

I love it! You go girl!!