Sunday, September 7, 2008

Straight from our Home

This is something you need to be impressed by. I have a black thumb. I am working very hard to cultivate a green thumb. We shall see. I have managed to keep one houseplant alive for 9 months. It's a record. I cut these pink roses off my own rose bush. Never mind that it's on the side of the house, has automatic sprinklers, and probably has been there for 20 years. I did not kill it simply by living here. And I managed to cut some roses before they died. Aren't they pretty?!

And this is our driveway this morning. It's so hard to see in a picture, but basically from the front door stoop to the street is covered in chalk drawings. 3 wonderful girls from our youth group graced us with mid-night visit and covered us in chalk drawings. I love these girls. Who else includes scripture with pranks? It's great, and harmless.

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