Monday, August 25, 2008

The Price

New School Wardrobe: $100.00
Lunch Box and Thermos: $20.00
After School Ice Cream Treat: $1.50
First day of First Grade: Priceless

Distance to School: 7 houses and around the corner
Times Juliana asked for Mckenna: 26
Times I looked at the clock: 34
Tears: 0
Prayers Answered: All

Mckenna's biggest fear for 1st grade was that all the kids would have gone to kindergarten together and not want to be friends with her. My biggest fear was that one of us would detest her being at school.

I prayed for a quick friend for her. Someone who would like the same things she likes and want to play with her. I prayed that we would all adjust, but in particular Mckenna, and that she would learn to like and love school.

As we all walked to drop her off (I LOVE walking to school--what a blessing!!) I kept a light and cheerful attitude, keeping the conversation upbeat. Her teacher was waiting outside the door to her class, and there were simple instructions to follow. Sign her in here. Put backpacks in this bin and lunches in this one. Pick up a box of crayons. There were even parental instructions--smile and don't cry, don't peek through the windows, don't prolong the goodbye, stay positive.

We followed every step, and then it was time for her to go in. At that moment she came over to me, a serious look on her face. I was sure the tears were coming. But in fact, it was to tell me that triplets who had been in her class at the charter school were checking in too! Three instant friends! Her face lit up, and we said hello to them. They seemed relieved to see her too.

She walked in the room and I noticed another familiar face. A boy from her karate class is also in her class! 4 friends. I cannot tell you how unlikely that is. The only two places we really know kids from other than church are the charter school and karate. Amazing!

When I picked her up today, she remarked that the day passed by quickly. She loves her teacher, sat with one of the triplets, and thinks recess and lunch are fantastic--even though it was over 100 degrees today and they had limited time outside. 

The little ones and I kept busy running errands for shoes and a few last things for the wedding this weekend.  Both kids love their new shoes, and I love that they were buy one get one 50% off.


The Smith family said...

So grown up!!! Wow. Praise the lord for answered prayers!!! So glad to hear school is a happy place for you

Heather said...

Hey there...just got a lot more caught up on your lives...for some reason I only get the little automatic update thingy in my inbox every once in a while and not every time there's an update on your blog! So anyhow, I've had to get caught up, from the story of God's provision for you to McKenna's first day of 1st grade! So glad it's all going well and God is specifically answering prayers!