Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Garage

Anyone who has lived on the mountain will really understand why having a garage--especially a THREE car garage--is a dream come true for Dan. Everytime we did a project around our house in Arrowhead, he would purchase one or two major tools to do the job. Needless to say, he collected quite an impressive number of tools, especially power tools. Sadly, they had to be stored inconveniently all over the house and in our build up. And, without a garage, the only place he could work on projects was on the deck. That left only 6 months out of the year for him to have a workstation since the other months the deck was covered with snow.

We set out Saturday morning to put the garage together.

The Garage Before (it became the "stuff it" place when we were moving in).

Jules and Gabe helping--or sliding on the car ramps. You pick.
Cabinets were already here, but we moved them to face into the garage with the back facing the third door.
This is backside of the cabinets. The eventual plan is to put Peg board on the back of them to use to hang the rest of the yard tools.
What the rest of the afternoon looked like.
The idea with the cabinets is that when we do yard work we open the single (or third) garage door, and all the tools are right there, but you don't leave your entire garage open and exposed all day. Yes, it's brilliant. No, it's not our original idea.  The main thing we learned by doing all of this is that we need a little storage (there is none) a few things--a few Christmas bins, a couple bins of kid clothes, and the camping equipment. Soon Dan will build some shelves up high for those items. Right now they are neatly stacked in front of the cabinets. I unpacked a lot more boxes--so I feel good about what we got accomplished that day.

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The Smith family said...

You guys are doing great!!! Looks good! IS that Madi's shirt that Jules is wearing???? Wow...thats funny! Anyway..missing you...hugs