Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's not that we haven't been doing anything blog worthy...

It's that I haven't had time.

So, in lieu of great pictures and interesting ideas, here are a few funny tidbits about our week:

1. How did that get in there?

What I found in the dryer this week (at the end of cycles):
-A plastic grocery bag 
-An army man
-An Office Clip (glorified paper clip)
-$2.00--they were not my dollars, they were Gabe's!

2. What did you say?
-Don't touch the machete (me, to my one year old nephew)
-"Mommy, I mean auntie, is here to help you and your auntie, I mean mommy." Joanna and I cannot get our roles straight when it comes to talking to Jadelyn. She is so used to the title "auntie" as I am to "mommy" that we always say it wrong!
-"Thank you for the world we live in, for food to eat, a home to live in, my brother and my sister, my mom and dad. Thank you for my church, for the rest of my family, and for America." Mckenna's prayer.

3.  What's New?
- Jules is back to self-potty-training. It's cute, messy, and going well.
-Grandma Gail is on Spring Break, which means 2 nights of sleeping over for my kids!
-I found a bin of 4T clothes that were Mckenna's, including the dress she wore for her 2nd birthday. I get great joy out of seeing Jules in her sister's old clothes. I washed them and they are ready for her to wear!
-We are in our new building at church--it's not done, but we are meeting there anyway. I love it, I think Pastor Sean is an incredible communicator, I love going to church every Sunday, I am so thankful for this church and it shows God's provision in our lives.
-We are maybe going to start house hunting?! Exciting!

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