Monday, April 28, 2008

3 Posts in One

1st: Big News in the Russell Family. Kris is engaged! I haven't really gotten to talk to her, so I don't know details. I have heard the wedding is hopefully in late August. Wow.

2nd: Mckenna and her beloved cousin playing in a fountain. Harvest and his mom Autumn, my first sister-in-law, who I dearly love and miss, who I loved raising our close in age kids with, came for a visit from New York. We think they are amazing to do that--since it's a lot of work to travel accross the country for a week. We miss them already, but spent a WONDERFUL day at Disneyland and an equally wonderful day at Victoria Gardens with them. I was not a good mom and didn't take a lot of pictures--I need to get mom's and Autumn's.

3rd: How to handle 2 kids with a stomach bug. Since we are going on day FOUR, I am officially an expert. What you see from front to back: Piles of towels, Piles of Waterproof pads, Diapers, Piles of Clean (as in washed and dried) pillows and pillowcases, Clean, loose comfy outfits, wipes, Piles of clean bedding. A full laudry basket--that's because the washer has been running non-stop with the aforementioned things, and the regular laundry is not getting done. And of course, Jules, with the same pathetic look she has had since she first got sick on Friday night. :o(

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