Friday, February 29, 2008

Update on Gabe's Tummy

We saw a pediatric GI specialist today. His leaning seems to be food allergies. That would not be so bad. It would mean diligence in guarding what Gabe eats, because as he explained the way kids outgrow allergies is when they are not at all exposed to the allergen and their immune systems grow. If they are constantly battling their allergen, then they can't develop enough to outgrow it. We are seeing a pediatric allergist next. Gabe was so tough today. He had to get a lot of blood drawn, and he did not even cry. Wow, he was so good. I would not have minded if he cried, we did not tell him to not cry, he just sat on my lap and took it. He got 3 Transformer stickers and a lolipop as a treat from the lady who drew his blood. He was thrilled.

We are having to do a lot more testing. More collecting samples--not fun, but no problem.

We are thankful for good health care. We know that most kids in many places do not have this kind of access to doctors, let alone specialists. We are so blessed in America to have the ability to access  this type of care. It's ironic for us, considering all the debates about healthcare. We are paying and have paid our own insurance for the past 14 months (Our insurance at church kicks in next month). It's expensive, and I admit I cringe a little each time I hear what our co-pay is (you don't even want to know), but I am so thankful that we even have the option of buying insurance and then seeing good doctors.

Anyway, as we find out more we will let you know. His allergist appointment is March 11.

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