Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Kids have Issues

Tonight, as Dan and I checked on the kids around 10:30, we found Jules completely naked. Pictures, despite how adorable she was all curled up in the buff, would not be appropriate to post. The reason she was naked is that she peed, in her diaper. She is self-potty training. I don't know if that is possible, but she is. And she hates wet diapers. She loves her potty, Gabe's Pull-Ups, and dressing herself. It makes for some interesting days, and now nights.

Gabe feels the need to narate life. If something happens, he tells you the story as if you weren't right there watching it with him a minute ago. If you tell a story, he repeats the story. If something comes to his mind, it also flows out of his mouth. And some very interesting things come out of his mouth. Lately, though, the cute things have been: "Daddy, come snuggle, I am having a night dream (nightmare)." "I want carrot juice and mango for breakfast." He is obsessed with drinking carrot juice. "I SOOOOO want to play Transformers." I love his chatter, it's cute, and he can stop talking when it's not his turn.

Mckenna taught herself multiplication. She has made it clear already that not starting school yet is a problem. But yesterday she got a bunch of fake $5.00 bills and taught herself multiplication by 5 and 10. Then we moved to 20 and 2. Yep, that's like 3rd grade math. Could be interesting.

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