Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Closet

When we were apartment shopping, we first looked at the place we are now living. We toured two different 2 bedroom layouts (no, we saw no need for 3 bedrooms, but that's a whole other post) and liked the "smaller" one better. We expected to like the bigger one better, but the smaller one stuck out to both of us. Why? Because of the closet in the master bedroom. It is a very large rectangle. Every other place we looked at, despite being similarly priced or more expensive, and not as convenient, could not compare because of this particular closet. Ironically, we don't have that many clothes. Dan got rid of a lot of his tattered seminary clothes, and I shed my wardrobe of a majority of my heavy winter stuff I saved when we left Arrowhead.

Nope, it's not for the hanging of clothing that we desired so grand a closet, both of us without speaking it aloud thought: Playroom!

Since the kids all sleep in the same room, it's not prudent to keep all their toys in it as well. If we did, when Jules was asleep the others would have no toys to play with. So, we have always kept a good supply of toys in another place. In Arrowhead it was the loft, in Valencia it was the living it's the multi-functional closet.

If you were to visit said closet you would find: a dresser, clothes on hangers, shoes, some stored items, a pirate ship, a castle, a Lego table, Plastic drawers with figures, balls, and cars, and a doll stroller.

Last night, an issue with Gabe provoked a new addition to the already multi-purpose closet: a bed. He threw up in his own bed, and rather than risk waking the girls by changing his sheets, we simply changed him, stripped the bed, and made him a bed on the floor in the closet. Of course, tonight at bedtime, where did he want to sleep? The closet. So after pajamas, teeth-brushing and stories, he said, "I'm going to the closet now," with a huge grin. We are allowing it for tonight, for no other reason than that it's cute and a simple request to honor. Tomorrow I will fold up the bedding and it won't be an issue.

Pictures of the closet and the rest of our place are coming---but not yet.

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