Sunday, November 4, 2007

Why We Love Grandma's House

There is this expression: What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's. Now, I am not excited about this phrase (nor the Vegas version) because it is like an invitation for bad behavior. However, My Mother-in-Law, who adores having my kids for a weekend, and takes great care of them, has a different standard of cleanliness and fashion than I do. In that sense, what happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's and that is a good thing.

This is Jules with Grandpa. Notice the clean, brand new, green shirt. Isn't it a cute shirt? I got it at Target, because I love her in green.

This is Jules after eating Grandma's spaghetti, with no bib (not like a bib would have helped the sleeves or her face).

I will give credit where it is due: Gail immediately soaked the shirt, and most of the red sauce came out. She also bought Jules a new, adorable, shirt to replace this one.

Point in case number two. Is this picture, perhaps, Dan and his older sister? I know there is one of the two of them in these red, knitted sweaters with hoods. I know that picture exists! But no, this is 2007, and those are my kids. I must say, they do look cute, and Gail's mom made these sweaters so they are incredibly special.

What else happens with Grandma, you might ask? Well, a ton of fun, smiles, hugs and love. That's why we love grandma's house.


Gail said...

We do have lots of fun !!! It is a joy to be a grandma to these precious kids. And for them to have parents who continue to allow their kids to have "unique" and "different" experiences with their grandparents. Thanks for all the great memories.

The Smith family said...

We love grandma Gail's house too - can't wait to get back!!! I just bought all of my kiddies warm winter coats just to go back to Arrowhead!!
so when????