Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Traditional Russells?

Before Thanksgiving Dan took on completely re-doing the front doors. It was a long, dirty process, and at some point we all helped him. But Gabe, in particular liked being outside with his Daddy, stripping paint, sanding, repairing, and then finally repainting. It was a rough project because each night the doors had to be re-hung. But, as always, my husband is a stud and worked hard long hours to get it done each day. The final results are awesome, but I won't show you a picture yet because the glass next to the doors is getting replaced tomorrow, and it will look much better then.

The point is, one of those days I asked who wanted to help me cook dinner and who wanted to help daddy work on the doors. The girls came with me and Gabe stayed outside. That is not necessarily normal in this family, often Mckenna would stay outside because she likes to be outside, Jules would stay with Daddy because she adores him, and Gabe would come with me because it's too cold, or just because he likes to be with me.

To mark the rare occasion, I took pictures of the girls cooking and the boys working. Made me feel like we lived 50 years ago or more.

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The Norrises said...

I bet you did feel like Little House on the Prairie or something! Gabe looks like he's really into working with Daddy and it appears as though Jules is snacking during the photo shoot!