Sunday, November 4, 2007

9 cosutmes for 3 kids?

Okay, Try to keep a tally of costumes.

For this Halloween Mckenna wanted to wear the Cinderella Dress Auntie bought her a couple years ago, we found a cheap, cute Pirate costume for Gabe at Costco, and Jules was going to wear her Tinkerbell costume from last year. Then Melissa told me about this adorable Dinosaur costume she had and we wanted Jules to wear it. She couldn't find it, so we went back to Tink.

Costume Tally: 4

October 30: Found Elizabeth Swann costume on sale for...$14.99!!! the Disney Store. Mckenna has wanted it for 1.5 years, and it started at $50! Whaoo! Now Mckenna is going to wear Elizabeth Swann.

Costume Tally: 5

Halloween: Mckenna puts on Elizabeth Swann costume, doesn't like the pants, decides to wear it as a dress. Okay, cute.
Gabe puts on the pirate costume--does not like it. Too itchy, too hot, too something. He finds this old Race Car Driver outfit he has had for a year or two. He's happy. Jules is a big girl--Tink is too small. What to do? I find a Blue Chinese outfit our pastor's wife had bought Mckenna--she wore it on her first birthday. It fits, it's cute, Tada!

Costume Tally: 7

We all go to Mckenna's kindergarten costume parade. Come home, change into normal clothes.

3:00: We are going Trick-or-Treating at the local grocery store and surrounding shops. Gabe pulls out his old Jedi Robe. Everyone else stays the same. That was super fun, totally the way to go.

Costume Tally: 8

6:07, 3 minutes before we are supposed to leave for AWANA: I asked Mckenna if she was supposed to wear her costume. She said, "Uh, no. Wait, we are supposed to dress up as a Bible character." Okay. We grab her pink Jedi Robe...Presto! She's Elizabeth, John the Baptists mom.

Costume Tally: 9

Tired People Tally: 6 (Grandma Gail joined all the above festivities)

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