Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Karate and other things

Lots of random stuff here. Mckenna has started Karate.
Not only does she pay attention and follow her Teacher perfectly
(she really wants to earn her yellow belt, and we told her it is all
about paying attention, so now she is perfect at karate) she LOVES it.
She smiles all the time (well, when her tongue is not hanging out in concentration.

One day Kenna wore a dress to school, wanted her
picture taken,
the other two joined in,
and voila! A picture of all three.

Jules had a strawberry popsicle. I took her shirt
off so
it wouldn't get dirty.
Clearly that was not

The three of them love to wrestle.
Poor Kenna, she always
ends up on the bottom,
but it is so cute and she has fun too.

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