Monday, August 6, 2007

Lake Arrowhead

Last week I took my friend Melissa and all 6 of our combined kiddos in her van to Lake Arrowhead for a little R and R and to introduce them to our former way of life. Well, they fell in love. They loved the mountains, they loved the trees, the quiet, the darkness at night, the lakes, Grandma Gail and her house full of toys, and the fresh air. There are a lot of pictures, who knows if I can even explain them all. The boys took a bath, gave each other bubble hats and bubble beards, and had a ton of fun. Then Jules dove in, clothed. Too funny. We took them to Lake Gregory to walk around (and see the sight of our wedding reception!) and feed the ducks. Pretty much, they saw trees and dirt and water and were in heaven. Juliana, as is the theme here, tried to go in the lake. The kids were so good and got along great.

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