Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Birthday Continued

Birthdays never end around here. On Sunday the kids got to open a few more gifts, from Grandma C and Papa, and from Great Grandma as well. The first one was this fantastic Pirate Pool--it has a cannon and a slide, a mast with a Jolly Roger Flag, and a steering wheel--it's intense. We set it up right away (we are thankful for Papa's air compressor--could you imagine blowing this up by mouth?) and the kids LOVED it. They have been in it twice a day since then! Great Grandma gave Jules a cuddly puppy, which she took to right away. She is wearing her very cute and appropriate Pink Dodger Outfit from Auntie Nana and Uncle Baseball (yep, that's what they call him). We are going to a game soon and she will wear it for sure.

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