Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Kids are just cute

Just thought I would post a couple fun pictures of things the kids do all the time. Mckenna is quite the ring leader around here. She organizes Gabe and Jules into games that they can all play together. For instance, they play "Follow the Leader," but they crawl so Jules can play too. She also invents games based on their favorite movies. So, currently they play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Peter Pan, and Pirates. They are a riot! The other day she set up the chairs and put each kid in a chair--they became a train! She and Gabe took turns being the condutor, Jules was the caboose! The other picture is Juliana's first taste of tacos. She absolutely loved them. She ate Black beans (hence the black face!), tomatoes, avacado, tortilla, cheese, meat...this kid has not yet met a food she doesn't like. Her hands are in the air because I finally taught her some sign language, like I did with Mckenna. She is doing the "all done" sign.

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