Saturday, November 5, 2011


My life is an assortment of roles, most of which I have chosen and love.

There are the relational ones:

Daniel's Wife.
Mckenna, Gabriel and Juliana's Mom.
Rob and Cyndi's Daughter.
Daughter-in-Law and Sister-in Law (although to be honest we usually leave off the in-law).

The functional ones:

Pastor's Wife.
Essay Grader.
Sunday School Helper.

And the funny ones:

Science Clown.

Little Horse.
Short Order Cook.

I am still adjusting to a new one:  Coach

It's not new, not really, but right now everyone seems to use it as if it's my name. Sometimes they have to say it twice for me to realize I am the subject of their calling.

Famous UCLA coach John Wooden said, "A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment." 

I have discovered how difficult this really is.

I have made players cry this season. One of them I made cry twice. 

I have pushed players to the breaking point.

I have over corrected at times. 

And this is little kids' soccer :o)

But he also said, “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” 

And I see so much potential in my players. And soccer is only a fraction of that potential.

I see little boys who can be respectful, tough, and fun all at the same time. 

I see little girls who can learn to listen, to work together, and to enjoy sports. 

I see young women who can focus, run complicated plays, share the burden, and be disciplined.

But I don't see any of that coming naturally. It all must be taught.

That is the task of a coach, and it is humbling.

So when I am not hanging out with my kids, relaxing with my hubby, enjoying being at church, or, of course, grading essays, I am watching soccer drill videos, working on my line-ups, and praying for my players. 

I see potential for greatness. 

I want to see growth.

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