Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Visitors, visitors, and more visitors.

We LOVE visitors!

Last Tuesday, Grandma Gail came and spent 2 nights with us. We played, ran errands, toured the church, explored our new town, visited a park with a water feature for the first time, and enjoyed our time together.  She left Thursday night.

Friday, around lunch time, my parents came in (with Kaleigh in tow). They stayed at a fancy resort, with 41 pools, and spent the whole weekend hanging out with us. We spent part of each day swimming at the resort!

On Monday, some dear girl friends came for a visit. Up until Sunday night, I thought only one friend was coming, but on Sunday night she called to see if 2 more friends could come along. Yes! As the kids all played happily, the girls talked endlessly. We definitely did not run out of things to talk about. We had such a great time and talked about places to meet that are more central--my house isn't really central to anywhere--and I hope we can do it soon. They were such a blessing to have around for a whole day. The kids played like little angels all day--also a huge blessing!

Melissa is coming for a visit (with KIDS!) in mid July, and some girls from Riverside are coming next week, potentially. I am so thankful! I am not completely lonely--there have been a few opportunities to get to know people at church, and my kids are so fun to have at home, but I do miss my friends.

Of all the visits  we had, we only managed to take one picture, but it's a keeper...

Papa Rob and his Mooses. 


Grandma Cyndi said...

What a wonderful visit we had and thanks for teaching us that fun game! Love to you all.

soren2go said...

Like Grandpa Rob's goatee. He is way cooooool!