Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday (in brief)

I did not find the perfect dog for my dad for his 60th birthday, and we are not picking her up this week! And they are not naming her Kaleigh, because that sounds an awful lot like Carlee, and also is similar to Carra, which was their last dog. I am not a little miffed by the fact that their daughter's and dogs' names are similar.

While at the animal shelter, twice, I did not seriously consider getting a cat...again. I thought I didn't like cats. So, why would they be so enticing?

I did not have a wonderful time with my mom on Friday when we picked out some furniture for her, and had lunch while exchanging 300 essays she turned in for me. And then, we did not have an equally wonderful time when mom and dad came out to pick up the furniture and meet their perfect little dog. Since I am not spoiled by them at all they did not take me to Olive Garden Friday and all of us to Red Lobster on Sunday!

And while at Red Lobster, Mckenna did not out-eat my mom when they shared a pound of crab legs!

Dan and I did not stay out past 1:00 am on Saturday night when Juli J offered to stay home with kids so we could go on a date. The time changed that night and we had church the next day, so we would not stay out that late. 

I did not organize 4 kitchen cupboards instead of grading essays! And Mckenna did not help me tremendously by wiping down all the kitchen appliances, cleaning out her school cupboard, and finding all the lids to the Tupperware. We did not both remark we felt like we were on Little House on the Prairie because we were scrubbing the kitchen together.

I did not wash every piece of bedding for the 3 kids, scrub down their room, and remake all three beds. (We are talking pillows, comforters, blankets, mattress pads--the whole nine yards people). Then I did not tell Dan: "Someone is going to wet the bed because I just washed everything. It's my own personal Murphy's Law"  And, no way, one of my small children did not do just that, in the middle of the night, that night. No way, that would not happen to me.

Mckenna did not do the entire Biggest Loser Workout Video with me on Saturday and then request we do it again on Sunday.

Dan is not the best dad in the whole world and is not taking Mckenna on a date tonight and she is not so excited she can hardly control herself.

Dan is not at the vet right now getting Rocky updated on his vaccinations because we are bringing home dad's new dog for a few days. We are responsible pet owners and it has not been 5 years since he has been to a vet. (Or, he really is just that healthy!)

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Dawn S. said...

That was so not hilarious!!! I did not like it more than anything I have read in a long time!