Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graduation Take 2

If I admit that I think it's a bit of an overkill to hold a graduation ceremony for promoting Kindergartener's, am I a horrible mom? There is a line in the movie "The Incredibles" where the mom is reminding the dad about coming to their son's graduation. I think he was graduating from fourth grade. The dad was livid--he could not see any point in a ceremony for moving from one grade to the next. He said something like this: It's not a graduation. He is moving from the fourth grade to the fifth. They keep inventing ways to celebrate mediocrity. We do not think at all that Mckenna is mediocre. In fact, we think she is amazing. But, that line from the movie did resonate with us. 

But, as good, dutiful parents, we went. We made a big deal about it, congratulated her, let her pick out her dress and paint her nails. I dried her hair with a round brush and curled the ends under. She got all dressed up and she graduated!

Here are some pictures. We managed to not take any of anyone else, not even a family shot or a picture with Auntie Kris who came out for the occasion. (Thanks Auntie--they love you so much!) She does look awfully grown up, don't you think? 

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therobbinsnest said...

THANK YOU DAN AND CARLEE! It's so good to know that other parents treasure their kids' accomplishments without throwing a party for everything! You are most definately NOT a horrible mother for thinking it crazy to 'graduate' from kindergarten!

By the way...when Bill saw the first picture of her getting her diploma, he thought she looked like a jr. higher! You are right...look out world!

Love you!